"The Pomeranian People"


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A religious tradition but also a social event in the life of Pomeranian teenagers.

A quest to discover how a French religious refugee family came to live on German soil.

Volume 31 Issue 1 Spring 2008

  • An Easter Morning Tradition in Pomerania - Bringing Home the Osterwasser.
  • Pomerania Recovers After the Thirty Years War.
  • An Overview of Lassehne, Kreis Köslin.
  • The Thirty Years War Inspired a Hymn - Nun Danket Alle Gott.
  • Education in Pomerania - Some History and Some Memories.

Volume 31 Issue 2 Summer 2008

  • Alan Moll Traces his Huguenot Family's Journey to Plöwen, Pomerania.
  • Barnimskunow, Kreis Prytz - Martin Skubinna Researches his Village in Pyritz.
  • The Cloisters in Pomerania Brought Culture and Progess.
  • History of Pomerania - Frederick II Opens Lands to Immigrants.
  • Kartenmeister.com - What it's all about and how to get the most out of it.

The second of two articles describing our ancestors' experiences when landing at Castle Garden.

What DNA tells us about pre historic migrations in Northern Europe.

Volume 31 Issue 3 Fall 2008

  • A Day in Castle Garden.
  • Tales from Pomerania - Friz Schlagenteufel.
  • The Last Spring in Gottberg - A Story of Leaving Home.
  • After the Thirty Years' War Huguenots Contributee to Pomerania's Restoration.
  • Founder of Immigrant Library Dies in July - Elisabeth Ann Swinson Sharp 1929 - 2008.

Volume 31 Issue 4 Winter 2008

  • Who Were the Pomeranians?
  • Pomeranian Goose - more than a recipe.
  • Who Brings the Christmas Presents?
  • Village of Wusterbarth.
  • Do You Know this Place?
  • Das Bücherbord - Villages of Kreis Cmmin and Kreis Regenwalde.