"The Pomeranian People"


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Introductory messages by Toni Perrone, President of the Pomeranian Special Interest Group, Gwen Christensen, DPL Editor, and Dennis Wehrmann, DV Editor.

"Its historical origin is based on the desire for freedom of religion and from political oppression. In 1836 German mineralogist Johann Menge surveyed the area and reported its rolling hills seemed favourable for agriculture, ... "

Volume 23 Issue 1 Spring 2000

  • A New DPL Publishing Team
  • Where Are The Pomeranians From?
  • The Empire Lost: A Personal View Of Pomerania
  • Pomeranian Questions And Answers By John Movius
  • John Movius Adds Other Pomeranian Sources On Microfilm

Volume 23 Issue 2 Summer 2000

  • Pomeranians In Australia: Living Their Heritage
  • What Is The Immigrant Genealogical Library and Society
  • The Farmer's Last Frontier - A Book Review
  • A Family Story Comes To Life - Matriarch Of Conspiracy by Ruth Von Kleist
  • Maps And More: help For On-Line Researches In Searching For That Elusive Location
  • Pomeranian History Continues: Information From A Swedish Perspective
  • Kreis Pyritz
  • Pomeranian Questions And Answers By John Movius

John answers a readers question about a reader's ancestors of Pomeranian nobility with resources in the Family History Center and finding aids on the Federation Of Eastern European Family History Societies' web page at feefhs.org

"What a sight as we walk toward the nearby river front. ... Seldom was the sense of our ancestors felt so strongly."

Volume 23 Issue 3 Fall 2000

  • Pomeranian Questions and Answers by John Movius
  • Albert Dean Writes From England About His Pomeranian Ancestry
  • I Found Some Pomeranian Relatives -- But The Search Goes On
  • Christiany In Pomerania - Catholic, Lutheran (Evangelish, Reformed And Babtist
  • A Success Story: Joan Lowrey Shares Tips On Using and Proving Primary Records

Volume 23 Issue 4 Winter 2000

  • History And Research Come Together In Stettin
  • Agriculture In Pomerania: What Was It Like For Our Ancestors?
  • Gross Schönfeld - A View Of Village Life In Kreis Pyritz
  • The Introduction Of The Potato In Kölberg In 1745
  • Pomeranian Questions and Answers by John Movius