"The Pomeranian People"


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Archival research in Poland can be a rewarding experience if you are well prepared.

"An article quoting die Pyritzer Kreisblatt in 1853 tells us something about life in Pomerania 150 Years ago.".

Volume 27 Issue 1 Spring 2004

  • Researching at the State Archive In Szczecin (Stettin)
  • Pommern Wegweiser durch ein unvergessenes Land
    (Some additional information about Kreis Randow)
  • My Experience in Researching Kreis Randow
  • Pomeranians Flee their Homes - 1945
    Stories from Klein Nossin, Kreis Stolp
  • Stettin (Information from Pommern Wegweiser durch ein unvergessenes Land)

Volume 27 Issue 2 Summer 2004

  • What ws it like in the good old days in Pomerania?
  • Die Weizackertracht of Pyritz -- the folk costume that was famous in Pyritz
  • My Research of the Kollin Village Estate -- and the Order of St John
  • Where can I start my research for Kreis Pyritz
  • Die Brauttruhe der Anna Regina Hohn (The story of Anna Regina Hohn's Wedding Chest begins in Kreis Pyritz in 1863
  • Bishop Otto von Bamburg Brings Christianity to Pomerania
  • The Business of Buying and Selling in Naulin, Kreis Pyritz (Before World War II)
  • The Legends of Storks are a part of Pomeranian History
  • Searching for early records in Vorpommern? These Resourses May Help
  • A View of Village Life in Goss Schönfeld, Kreis Pyritz

"Published in 1912, it lists over 210,000 places(in the German Empire, 1871-1919)".

"After several years of putting together his genealogy, Myron became consumed by and insatiable curiosity abut the Pomeranian people".

Volume 27 Issue 3 Fall 2004

  • Using Meyers Orts--Und Verkehrs-Lexikon (A tutorial)
  • Jurisdictions of the German Empire of 1871
  • Pomeranian Questions and Answers by John Movius
  • Pomeranians Who Settled in Michigan!!

Volume 27 Issue 4 Winter 2004

  • Myron Gruenwald: Founder of Die Pommerschen Leute
  • DNA Y--Chromosome Testing or Who Is My Family?
  • Scharfrichter/Abdecker in Pyritz (Executioner/Knacker in Pyritz)
  • Lauenburg Land Maps
  • Stolp Research Records
  • Christmas Decoration Customs
  • Researching Cammin/Naugard? The following may be helpful: