"The Pomeranian People"


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"This questions was, in truth, the guiding principle of all and each of the forces reacting against the autocratc and aristorcratic Catholic church though humans, specifically our nothern Germans, in the unfolding of the 15th century ..."

"The Knights of the Order were colonists, that is true; and not very nice people. Colonists seldom are as seen from the angle of the natives .... I'm pretty sure the Knights thought they were very nice people. After all, they were saving the natives from eternal damnation."

Volume 20 Issue 1 Spring 1997

  • Does It Have To Be ... ?
  • Highlighted Reference Helps
  • You Really Stuck?
  • Can't Go To Find It?
  • Hung Up On Plattdeutsch>
  • Sometimes Like Pulling Teeth?
  • Picture Postcard Scenes
  • The Holi - Holy - Holly Days
  • Vadder Unser (Plattdeutch Poem)
  • One Family's Solution
  • Das Vaterunser (Lord's Prayer In High German
  • Where Is The Internet
  • Whence Cometh Email?
  • Some Reassurances
  • More Towns And Kreise
  • Jig Saw Puzzles and Puzzlers
  • What Is The Video Like?
  • Camminer Heimatgrüsse
  • Is That Cammin - With A K?
  • Froelich'n Wienach'n Un n' Blied'n Neei Jahr!
  • Defenestration Of Prague
  • Speecing Of Accounts
  • Vergangenheitsbewältigung
  • Pommern Church Records

Volume 20 Issue 2 Summer 1997

  • You Read It First In One Cubit Of Stature
  • Towns To Be Found It The Greifswald Archives!
  • One More Millennium
  • The 97 Theses
  • That Genealogy Chart
  • Somebody Asked! You?!?
  • Pomeranian Wedding Customs
  • It Scares Me To Say
  • A Platt Valentine
  • Appreciate The Interest
  • Polish Nameing Practices
  • Handling Email
  • Martin Luther's Force
  • The 95 Theses (or a meer 91)
  • Never Look Back?

"All honor and recognition for the break must be accorded to Martin Luther and those that rode for their own reforms in the secular national changes on his coattails."

"The true originator of this force, seemingly, was not Luther. It was Erasmus. Erasmus and those who followed him were called the 'humanists'."

Volume 20 Issue 3 Fall 1997

  • Stopping The Force; Short Of Its Goal
  • Too Tough For Me
  • From The East Looking West
  • Another German Site
  • The "900" Years
  • Syllabus For 1996 FEEFHS Convention - Baltic Germans: The Persistent Pioneers
  • You Know That
  • 2 Axioms Of Science
  • Converstations On The Internet
  • 1000 Of Anything Is A Lot
  • Well, This Helps
  • How Do You Respond?
  • A Word About The Internet
  • Another Look At Plattdeutsch
  • 9 Areas Of German
  • Europaregion Pommerania e.B
  • The First 1000

Volume 20 Issue 4 Winter 1997

  • More "Force" Branches
  • The Website Guru
  • Fair Warning From Friends
  • Another Look At Plattdeutsch
  • I Love This Book
  • The Year 1200 +/-
  • Copyright Infringement
  • I Am Not One Of Them
  • Some Encouragement
  • Points About "Rationalism"/LI>
  • "The German Way"
  • The "Newsgroup" In The Internet
  • Demographic Delineation
  • Wouldn't You Know
  • Achtung - LDS - Attention
  • Oh, My Goodness!
  • 'Tis Time For FEEFHS
  • By Gosh! It Works
  • Why Should It Be?
  • Religious Experience Is A Progressive Revelation
  • The Year 1100 =/-
  • "Seeking" - Yesterday's Poem
  • It is No Wonder ...