"The Pomeranian People"


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..."This time he had a special gift for us, a photocopy of a chronicle of the parish of Hohenselchow". (located in Kreis Randow)

Continues the description of Natelfitz in Kreis Regenwalde by a former resident after a recent visit. (With memories added by the translator.)

Volume 28 Issue 1 Spring 2005

  • An 1878 Chronicle of the Hohen-Selchow Parish in Kreis Randow
  • Pastors in Hohen-Selchow
  • Celebrating Easter in Pomerania
  • Wir Sind Jetzt Hier Zu Hause---We are now here at Home (About the village of Nateflitz)
  • Wer kam denn da ins Dorf? Who is comming into the village?

Volume 28 Issue 2 Summer 2005

  • Natelfitz: Wir Sinde Jetzt Hier Zu Hause----We are now at Home
  • June 1863: A Gardener Records his Daily Work in Ornshagen
  • The Village of Friedrichsthal Started with 24 People in 1751
  • Major Rivers of Pomerania (Map by Myron Gruenwald)

"It was very exciting to discover significant records and books in a dusty attic of a house near the Cammin Cathederal".

Translated from a document in the Werle Estate Archive which includes the requirements for the emigration of the resident Heinrich Schuldt from Wanzlitz to America.

Volume 28 Issue 3 Fall 2005

  • Kreis Cammin (Introduces a new book, Der Kreis Cammin - Bilder von 1895 bis 1945, by Hans-Dieter wallschläger and Gunther Harder.)
  • Churchbooks of the Northern Part of Kreis Cammin
  • Research in Cammin: Finding relatives in Stepenitz and their connection to USA
  • Taufsitten in Retztow im Kreis Naugard (Baptismal Customs in Retztow in County Naugard
  • From Brazil: "Searching for My Pomeranian Roots"
  • Conversion of historical Prussian measurements
  • Researching Cammin/Naugard? The following may be helpful:

Volume 28 Issue 4 Winter 2005

  • How much did a Journey to America cost in 1851?
  • Reconstruction of the Church Books in Mickrow Kreis Stolp
  • Some Geograpy of Pomerania (a map by Myron Gruenwald)
  • Pomeranians - the Persistent Pioneers
  • A Comparison of Units of Area Used in Prussia and America
  • Description of a larger village in Pomerania in 1870
  • "... how I arrived in America from my home in Regenwalde, Pomerania traveling by train, ship and oxen. As remembered by Emilie Scharlotte Friederika Schild.