"The Pomeranian People"


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I was fortunate when I found the name of this ship on my grandfathers Fred's naturalization papers.

"Alan Moll contributes this significant information about our Pomeranian ancestors whose lives depended on land use and ownership."

Volume 29 Issue 1 Spring 2006

  • Finding Ship Records For Your Pomeranian Genealogy
  • Revisiting My Pomeranian Roots (Part I)
  • Computing Land Measurements In Pomerania
  • Pommernkontake By Gunthard Stübs
  • Stettin: A Significant History
  • Von Hinterpommern Nach Irgendwo (From Pomerania To Anywhere)

Volume 29 Issue 2 Summer 2006

  • Land Ownership in Pommern
  • Der Greif Publishes a new Book on Kohlberg
  • We Remember Pomeranian Researchers
  • Who Wrote Those Letters? In Search of Jürnjakob Swehn
  • Revisiting My Pomeranian Roots (Part II)
  • Stettin - Its History wsa Significant to Pomerania
  • Mona Houser Shares Stories About Her Family's Trip to America
  • Heino Kebschull Remembers Life in Kreis Stolp
  • Pommernkontake (Cont.) By Gunthard Stübs

..."It sounds like bad German - the German of the gutters? Nothing could be less fitting a characterization for the northern German dialects..."

"Its influence is felt in the life and culture of America."

Volume 29 Issue 3 Fall 2006

  • Low German - Plattdeutsch / It's A Familiar Sound To Pomeranians!
  • Gunthard Stübs and Marha and Les Riggle Share Pomeranian Rural History from the Writings of Alexander Padberg
  • As We Look Toward Christmas, Myron Gruenwald Told This Story of the Christ Rose in Pomerania
  • Early Times in Kreis Stolp - As Remembered by Heino Kebschull
  • Land Ownership in Pommern - The Relationship Between Nobility and Peasantry
  • A Note From One Of Our Readers - On The Word schwarzwurzeln

Volume 29 Issue 4 Winter 2006

  • Low German - Plattdeutsch / Its Influence is Felt in the Life and Culture of America
  • Neue Ballinstadt soll Amerikanner locken - New Ballin City opeining in 2007 is designed to attract American visitors
  • Stettin - A City with Historical Importance in Pomerania
  • Erie Canal Boats Transport Pomeranians To The Midwest
  • Potatoes - Pomeranian Style
  • From Kreis Regenwalde to Wisconsin USA - Emilie's Travels in 1866 by Wagon, Ship, Train and Oxen
  • New Research Clarifies the Church Book of Darsin, Kreis Stolp