"The Pomeranian People"


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"...Luther was not the only reformer at the beginning of the 16th century. He was not even the first one to 'see the light' as we like to say in modern times."

"...there was a great deal of murmuring from other sources saying, 'Well, good Doctor Luther, it wouldn't necessarily have to be so in that manner'. The answer? 'Yes, of course, it MUST be so."

Volume 21 Issue 1 Spring 1998

  • Origins and the Other "Force" Branches - Part 1
  • Not Bad For An Ending
  • They Are Not Like Us
  • Where We Came From
  • There Goes My Old Test
  • So! What Is A Pooh-Bah?!?
  • The Years Before 1400
  • Airing Dirty Laundry; Taken Down A Peg; I'm Only Human; Sour Grapes Edition
  • The Year 1300 + or -
  • Most Elegant Oration On The Dignity Of Man
  • Remember Or Forget
  • A Service Of Your Pommern-L
  • Origin Of "Prussian Mindset"
  • Fair Warning From Friends
  • Mr. Entropy, Himself
  • Letter Writing Today
  • Origins and the Other "Force" Branches - Part 2

Volume 21 Issue 2 Summer 1998

  • Origins and the Other "Force" Branches - Part 3
  • Well Said, Good Friend
  • We Are Losing Many Members/Friends
  • Quite Important, I Agree
  • Whoops! Oh, My Goodness
  • From The Pages Of Stern
  • Our Personal Thanks To You
  • The Man Be Right
  • Some Historical Geography
  • You Still Stumped By
  • About That Number
  • This Just In ...
  • FEEFHS Achieves Its Goal
  • The Pommerschen Leute - Objectives Of Newsletter
  • Something There Is ...
  • Shakespear Knew No End
  • The Years After 1400
  • Those Yet To Be Born
  • There Were Really Four
  • Have Just Returned From Pommern
  • Good News From Bremen
  • Restores One's Faith Again
  • This Was Very Important
  • Another Look At Plattdeutch - The Answers

"The question is: 'What were the Pomeranians like in the 19th century - when they were migrating afloat to the far flung foreign fields?"

This issue was published by Myron's daughter, Gayle Gruenwald - O'Connell. She printed her tribute to Myron in the first article, Myron's letter to us to be published after his passing, and work that Myron had begun for the next issue.

Volume 21 Issue 3 Fall 1998

  • For Those Who Just Tuned In
  • The Years Before 1500
  • A "List" For Posen?
  • I Wish I Had Said That
  • Comments Of Response
  • Accounting For 1997
  • Whole Towns Leaving
  • Families From Each Town
  • Frazeled By The Internet
  • Why I Hang In There
  • A Giant Leap Forward
  • This Could Help!
  • So Now I Have Moved
  • Perhaps For Our Side To Win, We Don't Want The Truth
  • Non-English Fonts
  • Language Or Dialect?
  • My Norma Has Died
  • After Reunification
  • I May Not Be The First
  • The Past Does Matter
  • Grandma Climbed The Family Tree

Volume 21 Issue 4 Winter 1998

  • Gayle's Tribute To Her Father
  • Auf Wiedersehen - Myron's Last Letter To Us
  • A Tribute To Norma
  • Six Weeks Of Apologies
  • Status Of Die Pommerschen Leute Organization
  • Introducing Your New Editor
  • Anonymous, Thy Name Is Blessed!
  • 1998 Year Of Ciility
  • Our Ancestor' Worlds
  • Three Great Articles
  • The Years + and - 1500
  • Historical Maps Of Germany
  • What About Ethnic Groups?
  • "Mr. Truman's War"
  • Sources Just Slow Me Down!
  • If Not The Ends; What Does Justify The Means?
  • A Giant Leap Forward
  • What About Napoleon I?
  • More Of Our History
  • Whose Culture Is It?
  • Where Conflict Originated?
  • Overheard On The Network
  • The Last Paragraph
  • Did You REad What ...
  • Such A Balance!