"The Pomeranian People"


Pomerania - Villages and Maps by Margaret Ott

The history of Pomerania is a history full of changes. Various changes

of boarders and political affiliations sometimes make genealogy very hard. Over the years, sections of Pomerania have been ruled by several Pomeranian dukes, Sweden, Denmark, Brandenburg and Prussia. After World War II eastern Pomerania became a part of Poland and western Pomerania belonged to the German Democratic Republic (GDR), which was commonly known as East Germany in the United States. Following the reunification of Germany, the western (west of the Oder River) part of the former Pomerania is located in the German states Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Brandenburg. The rest of Pomerania (east of the Oder River) is located in the Polish voivodeships of Westpommern(województwo zachodniopomorskie), Pommern, (województwo pomorskie) and Kujawien-Pommern (województwo kujawsko-pomorskie).

Most people from Pomerania who went to the United States emigrated between 1840 and 1890, so I will restrict my advice to resources featuring this period. ...

EDITOR: Many of the resources refered to in this article are long web address for sites that can provide maps useful for genealogical research. The list of web addresses that follows was taken from this article and will make it easier for our readers to access the sites.

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