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Family Histories

Pomerania: 1945 Echoes of the Past a Teenager’s Diary of Peace, War, Flight, and Expulsion by Heins Chinnow – The story of the Chinnow family in Stolpmuende

Hour of the Women based on an oral narrative by Libussa Fritz-Krockow, by Christian von Krockow, translated by Krishna Winston, copyright 1991

The Zimmers from Natelfitz, Pommern, and Kirchhayn Wisconsin. By Gordon Ziemer and Sherrill Cloud

A Village in Pomerania – A World War II Odyssey, a true story, by Rose Hertel Falkenhagen, copyright 2015

Klein-Nossin – Flight and Expulsion Recollections edited and published by Heino Kebschull translated by Leslie & Martha Riggle.

In Search of the Family Rutzen – By Irma Wiese Whipple, Paper Mill Press, Rohnert Park California, 1990

So Gingen Wir Fort Aus Einem Kleinen Pommerschen Dorf – (And so we left from a small Pomeranian Village) by Klaus Granzow, translated by Leslie and Martha Riggle with permission of Waltraud Granzow Schlichting

Matriarch of Conspiracy, Ruth von Kleist, 1867-1945, by Jane Pejsa. The Pilgrim Press, Cleveland, 1992

Surnames and Place Names

Pommern=L Nachname Liste/Pommern=L Surnames by Rebel l. Kreklow, October 2000.

Pomerania Atlantic Bridge to Germany by Linda M. Herrick and Wendy K. Uncapher (place names, maps, geography, history and border changes) Copyright 2005

St?dte=Atlas Pommern by Fritz R. Baran, Verlag Gerhard Rautenberg.Leer, copyright 1989

St?dte=Atlas – Ostbtandenburg. Fritz R. Barran mit den Früher Brandenburggischen Landkreis Arnswalde und Friedeberg Nm. (Early Brandenburg District Arnswalde and Friedeberg Nm.)

St?dte und Mittelpommern in Farbe. Manfred Vollack. Flechsig – Buchvertrieb, Würzburg, 1999, (Cities and central Pomerania in color.)

Pomeranian Studies (3 volumes) History, Maps, Locating the ancestral home, German Terminology, Pommern and its records and much more.

Pomerania Place Name Indexes – Identifying place names using alphabetical and reverse alphabetical indexes by Roger P. Minert, Ph.D.,A.G.

Pommern (Pomerania) Information from maps purchased from Pommersche Verein (Heimatkarte von Pommern 1940; Pommern 1945-55 with Alphabetical Index to town names)

Pommern Wegweiser Durch ein Unvergessenes Land by Johannes Hinz (Guide to the Villages/Places in Pomerania)

Das Kolbergerland its Cities and Villages (index) Ein Pommersches Heimatbuch, (A Pommern Home book), Published by Manfred Vollack, 1999 (lists heads of households in villages in 1937)

Pommersche Familiennamen Ihr Geschichts und Heimatwert by Dr. Hans Bahlow, Printed with the support of the Pommern Foundation, Verlag Degener &Co., Inh. Gerhard Gessner, Neustadt/Aisch, 1982

Ortsnamenverzeichnis der Ortsschaften \Jenseits von Odor und Neisse..by M. Kaemmerer. Verlag Gerhard Rautenberg, Leer, 1988. (Site directory of the localities beyond Odor and Neisse)

Gemeindeverzeichnis für Mittel und Ostdeutchland und Sie Früheren Deutschen Siedlungsgebiete im Ausland in Verbindung mit dem Statischen Bunesamd. Praesidenten des Bundesausgleichsamters Verlag für Standsamtswesen GMBH, Frankfurt am Main, 1970. (List of municipalities for central and eastern Germany and former German settlements in the country in connection with the static bunesamd (federal Bureau). President of the Federation)

Die Gemeinde und Wohnpl?tze Pommerns nach dem Stand von 1932 mit Erg?nzungen 1919-1945, edited by Brigitte and Klaus Dieter Kreplin, Teil A, 1994, (The municipalities and residential areas of Pommern according to the status of 1932 with additions 1919-1945)

Forscherkontake, Band II. Bayerischer Landesverein für Familienkunde, Hans Peter Kaiserwerth; Die Pommersche Leute, Myron Gruenwald; Roland zu Dortmund, Arbeitsgruppe computergenealogie

Polish Surnames – Origins and meanings by William F. Hoffman

Heimatbuchs – Hometown books with History

Pommeriches Heimatbuch 1984 given out by the Pommerschen Landsmannschaft Kulturabteilung 2400 Lübeck

Pomerania – Geographical and Historical Outline - Tracing Pomeranian Roots- Regenwalde- Plate- Schivelbein- Kammin- Reetz, Neuwedell, Stettin, Poland 1995, copyright 2009

Pommern Revisited by Paul Sternberg, Janice Savage, and Jerry Savage

Der Kreis Schlawe - Ein Pommersches Heimatbuch Band I Der Kreis als Ganzes, Band II – Der St?und Landgemeinden (The cities and rural communities), Published by Manfred Vollack with co-operation of Ernst H. v. Michaelis and the co-operation of many landlords, Husum, 1989

Erlebted Preussenland Station einer Bemerkenswerten Reise Durch Pommern, die Neumark, West=und Ostpreussen by Manfred Vollack. Pommernsche Landmannschaft, Schleswig Holstein

Kreis Regenwald compiled, translated and edited by Paul Sternberg, Janice Savage, Jerry Savage, Lana Larsen and Joyce Gardner for the Pommern Regional Group of Minnesota, copyright 2009

Geschtchte der Stadt Labes in Pommern von der Gründung bis zur Mitte des 19 Jahrhunderts - History of the Town of Labes in Pomerania from the founding to the middle of the 19th century) Published by Ernst Zernickov, Labes, 1922

Schivelbein donated by Albert Dean, Workingham, Berkshire England, Includes pictures of Schivelbein, map, trade directory of Schivelbein 1929, excerpts from Der Kreis Belgard book in English

Usedom by Hans-Christof W?chter/Heinz Teufel, Ellert & Richter Verlag, (History and Pictures)

Gross Schoenfeld – Kreis Pyritz/Pommern by Willi Mittendorf (1896-1985) Lehrer a.d. in 1964, Translated by Leslie and Martha Riggle with permission of Karl Ernst Mittendorf, 1993.

Von Greifswald nach Usedom by Maike Bruhns (Person register and history)

Greifswald Stralsunder Jahrbuch 1972-1973, band 11- 1977, band 12 -1979, band 13- 1982

1637 Census Kreis Bütow District of K?slin Providence of Pommern (also called the West Prussian Empire of Germany) it shows how the people were taxed, lived, and worked with landlords, Kings, dukes, barens etc. owning the land by Walter Cole, Jane Manick, John Milton Hingst, Hedwig Isolde Liesel, Herchenroethen Hingst and Carolyn Alyce Kasischke

The People of the Lands Lauenburg and Bütow. by Baron Jesco von Puttkamer. Translated by John Milton Hingst. Der Gesellschaft für Pommersche Geschichte und Alterumsfunde, Monatsblatter, 47 Jahrgang 1933. Stettin, (The Society for Pomeranian History)

Verzeichnis Familienkundlichen Sammlung des Kreise Greifenberg Pommern by Hildegard Brehmer, 1980. (Contains a list of family names and towns)

Das Rügenwalder Amt – Geschichte – Bewohner, Materialien zur Pommerschen Familien und Ortsgeschichte, Sonderheft des Sedina Archives (N.F.) Heft I, (History - residents, materials for Pomeranian families and local history, special edition of the Sedina Archives)

Rügenwald District Kreis Schlawe Residents – Lists of residents paying land taxes and mill fees between 1731-1803.

Pommern Unvergessene (Unforgettable home) Heimat by Hans Ulrich Engel, 2000

Das Kolberger Land; Seine St?dte und D?rfer, Ein Pommersches Heimatbuch. Max Vollack in Auftrage des Heimatkreis Kolberg-K?rlin, Husum, 1999.

History and Culture

Rostock und seine Umgebung, der Darss und das Fischland by Maike Bruhns (person register, place register, culture and history)

Stralsund, Rügen und Hiddensee by Maike Bruhns (person register, place register, culture and history)

Pomeranian Customs and Culture published by Pommerscher Verein Freistadt Gloria Blank, Richard and Katherina Heidtke, Edgar and Ruth Lange, LeRoy Boehlke, copyright 1986

Pomerania its People and its History by LeRoy Boehlke copyright 1983 (includes culture and customs)

Germany 2000 years of History and Culture by LeRoy Boehlke copyright 1983

Geschichte von Pommern – (History of Pomerania) by Martin Wehrmann, First Volume. Until the Reformation (1523) German landesgeschichten edited by Urmin Tlile. Copyright 1982

Festschrift 50 Jahr. Stistungsfelt des Turn=Vereins Stargard in Pommern Commemorations of 50 years for the Turner Vereins in Stargard Pommern

Pommern Lexikon Geografie, Geschichte, Kultur 225 illustrations and 105 drawings by Johannes Hinz, 1996

A short History of the Teutonic Order by Francis M.S. Muller. Together with Marienburg of the Teutonic Knights and Heraldry of the Teutonic Order. The Augustan: XVII: 2 1974; XVII: 3 1975, XVIII: 1 1776; XVIII: 2 1976. The Augustan Society

Don’t Get me Confused With That Other Person by Myron E. Gruenwald, published by Gayle Gruenwald O’Connell, copyright 1994, (Essays and quotations about the integration of the Baltic Teutons into American Society = testing weather multiculturalism is good or bad or America)

Baltic Teutons: Pioneers of America’s Frontier by Myron E. Gruenwald, published by Gayle Gruenwald O’Connell, copyright 1988, (continues from Pomeranians Persistent Pioneers into the migration to America)

The Essays Odin’s Inheritors (The Pomeranians and other Teutons) by Myron F. Gruenwald, published by Gayle Gruenwald O’Connell, copyright 1987

Odin’s Inheritors (The Pomeranians and other Teutons) by Myron F. Gruenwald, published by Gayle Gruenwald O’Connell, copyright 1987

Pomeranians The Persistent Pioneers (Pommern die Beharrlichen Pioniere) by Myron E. Gruenwald, published by Gayle Gruenwald O’Connell, copyright 1987

Bridge to Another World by Myron E. Gruenwald, published by Gayle Gruenwald O’Connell, copyright 1985 (A bridge from Pommern to Bohemia by the marriage of a Pomeranian Princess to the Holy Roman Emperor, Karl IV, and how it affected Poland and Germany

One Cubit of Stature (the story of the Order of Teutonic Knights) by Myron E. Gruenwald, (Drawings by Mark E. Gruenwald), published by Gayle Gruenwald O’Connell, copyright 1985

Two Worlds for Our Children by Myron E. Gruenwald, (2nd Edition revised), (Drawings by Mark E. Gruenwald), published by Gayle Gruenwald O’Connell, copyright 1985

By the Content of Their Character by Myron E. Gruenwald, published by Gayle Gruenwald O’Connell, copyright 1986, (An identification of the cultural traits brought by the Baltic Teutons to America)

Antlitz und Geschichte des Kreis Kolmar, Posen. County Association of Kolmar

Directories and Address books

Kreis Regenwald, Municipality Directory, 1908.

Municipality Dictionary for Kreis Regenwalde Pommern Prussia 1932 by Rebel L. Kreklow, 2000

Landwirtschaftliches Adressbuch der Province Pommern (Agricultural Directory of Pomerania 1839, 3 volumes – has lists of property holders in both Hinterpommern and Vorpommern. (For each village is listed the property holder, value of the property, uses of the land, number and kinds of livestock, and farm equipment owned)

Encyclopedia of Communes Kingdom of Prussia Pommern Province Kreis Regenwalde Stettin Administrative Area Naugard Military District Stargard Regional Court Published 1908 (contains a list of Inhabitants and dwellings)

Wegweiser für familien und Ortsgeschichtliche Forschung in Pommern edited by Gunhard Stübs, 1999, (Addresses to the Archives and their holdings)

Einwohner and Bürger (Inhabitants and Citizens)

Materialien zur Bev?lkerungskunde Pommerns Stadt Stolp I Einwohner und Bürger 1600-1850 edited by Klaus-Dieter Kreplin, 1999

Die Einwohnerlisten des Rügenwalder Amtes 1731-1803 by Dr. Ulrich Neitzel and Mathias Sielaff Band I der Family Genealogical Writings for East-Pomeranians of the Labor Area Local and Family Research Schlawe, 2001

Church and Civil Sources

Jacobsdorf Baptismal Records – Jakobsdorf (poln. Danowo), Kreis Naugard, Pommern

1819-1843 and 1844-1874

Church and Civil Records in Pommern by Laraine G. Ferguson (Lists various church and civil records types which existed in a certain community – Evangelical, Catholic, Jewish, Reformed, LDS, and Standesamt)

EV L Kirchenbuch Parochie Zarben, Synode Treptow, Kresis Greifenberg, Pommern, Preussen, Tauf=und Sterberegister 1810-1834 (Evangelical Lutheran Church Book Zarben Parish, Treptow Synod, Greifenberg District, Pomerania, Prussia - Baptismal and death Registers 1810-1834) (Inhabitants organized alphabetically by surname)

Aus der Geschichte der Parochie Isinger (from the history of the Isinger Parish) by Pastor Johannes Brunner (Pyritz, Pomeranina 1907) – from Material Collected by Pastor Wilhelm Bülow- (The churches of Isinger, Leine, and Repenow in Kreis Pyritz/Pomerania)- translated by Leslie and Martha Riggle

Kirchen im Kreise Regenwalde 1990 edited by Heimatkreisausschuss des Kreise Regenwalde Text by Siegfried Hannemann from Gross Raddow.

Verzeichnis der Pommerschen Kirchenbücher im Vorpommerschen Landesarchiv Greifswald edited by Andreas R?pcke and Martin Schoebel Band I (processed by Uwe Rodig)

Verzeichnis der Kirchenbücher im Evangelischen Zentralarchiv in Berlin Teil I - Die ?stlichen Kitchenprovinzen der Evangelischen Kirche der Altpreussischen Union. Christa Stache.Im Evangelischen Zentralarchiv, Berlin, 1987.

Protokolle der Pommerschen Kirchenvisitationen (Protocols of the Pomeranian Church Visits) (church register) processed by Hellmuth Heyden, B?hlau Verlag K?ln Graz, 1964, (Includes the debt register of St. Marientiden from K?slin, the place and person register from 1535-1555)

Churches of County Schlochau by Paul Sternberg, copyright 2009

Lutheran Parish Records from Upper Ottawa Valley 1861-1890 with information on searching your family history. Daniel J. Faber, Franz Kapeler, and Jean Ringhofer. National Capital Genealogy Club 33006, Ottawa Canada

Chronik the Church s in Hohen-Selchow, Pinnow and Friedrichsthal in the synod Gartz in the government-districts of Stettin from the oldest times up to the present, By C.G.F. Schenk, 1878

Landeskirchliches Archiv Schnellüberblick Kirchenbuchbestand, (Quick Overview Church Book Collection) Greifswald, 1995

Municipality Dictionary Based on Material from the 1905 census Published in 1908 by the Royal Prussian National Statistical Office Berlin SW, (includes the location of the Evangelical Church, location of the Catholic Church vital statistics for each town included as well as the location of the local and district courts)

Baltische Studien. Stettin 1890-1892, Church books for Pommern recorded by Dr. Wehrmann

Marriage Abstracts Kreis Naugard 1820 -1876 (included name of the groom and bride, the fathers name, occupation, residence, ages, and parish where the marriages occurred) Compiled by Franz Schubert (includes towns of Luebzin and Roerchen u.a., Parochien Barfussdorf, Gross Benz, Breitenfelde, Daber, Falkenberg und Friedrichswalde , Stadt Gollnow, mit Militärgemeinde, Hakenwalde und KattenhofLand Kavel und Minten 1795-1876

Pedigree Charts of Milwaukee County Genealogical Society, Inc. 1995. Milwaukee County Genealogical Society, Inc.

Eheschliessungen in den Schlesischen Provinzialblattern 1785-1849. Uwe Kambach. Marriage contracts from Silesian Provincial News. About 40,000 Silesians with name of spouse, location of marriage, occupation of groom, marriage date and volume/ issue of article

Emigration and Migration

Deutsche Einwanderer in Sao Leopoldo Brazil 1824-1937

Palatine Migrations to Brandenburg and Pomerania from Frederick the Great’s Palatine Colonies in Brandenburg and Pomerania, By Otto Gebhard, Compiled by Ernest Thode, edited by Becky Thornton. Copyright 2009

Family Names from Pommern (lists of family names who immigrated to Wisconsin - taken from old records and the year of Immigration as well as the home towns) edited by the Pommersche Tanzdeel Freistadt, Dan Boehlke

Prussian Peasants Seek The American Dream – understanding the migration of millions of peasants from Eastern Prussia during the last half of the 19th century by Robert Joseph Bublitz

Old Lutherans

Die Auswanderug der Pommerschen Altlutheraner in die USA Ablaut und Motivation 1839-1843

English Translation of Die Altlutherische Auswanderung um die Mitte des 19, Jahrhunderts, Wilhelm Iwan edited by Johann Hess- Institut, Breslau 1943

Auswanderlisten der Altlutheraner 1837 - 1853 - Vollstandige Personenliste – (full list of persons) (list indexed by Kreis and Stadt) compiled by Dennis Wehrmann (List people some with age, occupation and relationship when immigrated) 41 pages

Freistadt and the Lutheran Immigration – by the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church of Freistadt, 1989. (Includes leaders and development of communities in both Buffalo NY and Mequon Wisconsin. Available letters written by the settlers and all written records preserved have been included)

Die Altlutherische Auswanderug um die Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts by Wilhelm Iwan edited by Johann Hess – Institut, Breslau 1943. Chapter XX Name List of Old Lutheran Emigration of the mid19th Century from Eastern Germany (mainly Pommern and lower Silesia to Australia, Canada and the United States) Copyright 2002.

Freistadt and the Lutheran Immigration Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church of Freistadt Mequon Wisconsin, copyright 1989, Freistadt Historical Society

Nineteenth Century Emigration of the Old Lutherans from Eastern Germany, Many from Pommern and Silesia, to America, Canada, and the USA (1835-1854). Volume 7. Clifford Neal Smith


Die Wappen des Adels in Pommern und Mecklenburg , J Siebmachers grosses Wappenbuch, Band 18, 1978 Bauer & Raspe, Inhaber Gerhard Gessner, Neustadt an der Aisch

Dorf Sippenbuch Gross Upahl Für die D?rfer Gross Upahl, Korcheez, und H?gerfelde landkreis Güstrow Mecklenburg. Publisher and editor Verein für B?uerliche Sippenkunde und b?uerliches Wappenweisen, 1939

A Polish View of Pommern

A Polish View of Pomarze a presentation to the Pommern Special Interest Group July 22, 2001 by Paul R. Lipinski

Pomerania, Pommern, Pomorze by Robert Kreklow includes Geography and borders, Geology, Topography, climate, cultural, Linguistic, religious and political divisions

Pictures and Photos

HinterPommern Von der Ostsee zur Grenzmark with 96 large colored photos and 62 drawings, by Manfred Vollack

Stettin in 144 Bildern edited by Georg Vollbrecht, Verlag Gerhard Rautenberg, Leer 1957 (contains many pictures of Stettin)

Stettin und Mittelpommern Land an Oder und Ostsee with 96 large colored photos, by Manfred Vollack

Pommern Land am Meer with 144 large colored photos and 51 drawings, by Heinz Butzlaff

Die Reise nach Pommern in Bildern by Christian Graf von Krockow and Dirk Reinartz (pictures and history of Pommern)

Pommern im Bild 1958 (many pictures of Pommern included)

Pommern Ein Bilband der Heimat mit 159 Fotografien – Kulture und Kunstgeschichtliche Einleitung by Klaus Granzow, Verlag Weidlich Frankfurt (Cultural and Artistic Introduction of Pommern)

Pommern in Alten Ansichtskarten – edited by Klaus Granzow, Fleschsig Verlag Frankkfurt am Main – (Pictures of Pommern)

Weizackerkreis Pyritz ein Bildband uber den Kreis Pyritz in Pommern (a picture book about the district Pyritz in Pomerania) Compiled and described by Hubert Topp, 1982

Bytow I Okolice na Dawnych Pocztowkach many post cards are in this book


Die Pommerschen Leute Quarterly Periodical, 1987- present

SGGEE Journal Society of German Genealogy in Eastern Europe. Quarterly Journal of Polish and Volhynian Genealogy Group in Calgary Canada.

Sedina Archiv Familiengeschichtliche Mitteilunden Pommerns Quarterly Periodical

Pommerscher Verein Freistadt Rundschreiben – Pomerian Society of Freistadt Wisconsin Newsletters

German Genealogical Digest Vol. II. Number 4, 1986 Pommern in Print, Part II by Larry Jensen (Church and Civil Records in Pommern)

German Genealogical Digest - Vol. II. Number 3, 1986 Pommern in Print, Part II by Larry Jensen (Writing to Poland for German Genealogical Records)

Monatsbl?tteredited from Gesellschaft für Pommersche Geschichte und Altertumsfunde # 47, Jahrgang 1933.

Pommern Zeitschrift für Kulture und Geschichte (periodical) we have copies for the years 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002

Familiengeschichliche Mitteilungen und Vereinsnachrichten der Pommerschen Dereinigung für Stamm = und Wappenhunde in Stettin, issues from January 1937 to January 1941.

Rügenwalder Heimatbrücke Published quarterly. (We have Issues from 1996)

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ostdeutscher Familianforscher e.V., Ostdeutsche Familienkunde Society Periodicals

Bl?tter und Mitteilungen des Vereins zur F?orderung der Zentralstelle für Personen – und Familiengeschichete e.V. und der Stiftung Zentralstelle zu Berlin, Periodical Founded 1904, Berlin


Bibliographie für Pommern Landes und Familiengeschichtliche, Band 2, by Herbert Spruth, 1962-1965, (Prints and manuscripts of Pommern)

Pommern Familien in Drucken und Handschriften by Herbert Spruth Published by the Zantralstelle für Deuteches Personen und Familiengeschichte edited by Heinz F. Friederichs, Band 2a , 1963 , (lists for names found in different manuscripts and where to find them)

Katalog der Bibliothek II. Systematischer Katalog, Stiftung (Foundation) Pommern, Kiel, 1982

Segelflugmodell Pommern-Ente Bauplan und Baubeschreibung by Curt M?bius (Building plan and building description Sailplane model) (Pommern and Mecklenburg Katalog 1)

Deutsches Familienarchiv - Vol 1-165 – published by a German Genealogical Society with thousands of surnames from all over Germany – many from Pommern and Vor Pommern included. These are complete family genealogies submitted by the author of the family tree to this publishing company to be printed and included in this series. The series continues and the Immigrant library continues to get all the new editions.

Pommern Geography by Myron Gruenwald

Wisconsin Volunteers, War of rebellion, 1861-1865

Wegweiser für Forschungen nach Vorfahren aus den Ostdeutschen und Sudetendeutschen Gebieten sowie aus den deutschen Siedlungesr?umen in mittel-, Ost- und Südosteuropa (AgoFF-Wegweiser). Herbert Sylvester and Marianne Stanke. Verlag Degener & Co. Inh. Manfred Dreiss, Neustadt a.d. Aisch, 2000. (A Guide for research on ancestry from the East German and South German regions as well as from the German settlement areas in Central, East and South East Europe)

German Genealogy- Research in Pomerania: with Specific Examples of Kreis Schlawe Research. By Donna Schilling, (includes Specific Guidelines and aides for researching Kreis Schlawe records, Kreis Schlawe’s cities, towns, churches and historic sites, Culture and Customs of Pommern, History of Pommern)

Mecklenburg Vor Pommern

Vorpommern Marriage Abstracts prior to 1704 (included name of the Groom and bride, he fathers name, occupation, residence, ages, and parish where the marriages occurred) The western edge of the Hinterpommern is included. (Included are the Island of Rügen, Franzburg & Barth Counties, Anklam City, Anklam and Demmin Counties, Grimmen, Stralsund City, Stettin City, Stettin St. Jacobi, Wolgast City, Greifswald, Usedom, Treptow, Ockerintinde, Randow) Compiled By Franz Schubert

Mecklenburg Marriage Abstracts 1705-1750, 1751-1800, 1801-1826 taken from old Mecklenburg church books includes about 110,000 marriages. (Includes name of the Groom and bride, the fathers name, occupation, residence, ages, and parish where the marriages occurred) The western edge of the Hinterpommern is included by Franz Schubert.

1705 - Vorpommern Census 1692 to Surnames in the Assessment Rolls of the Swedish Survey Registration, The western edge of the Hinterpommern is included. (The following districts are included – Anklam, Cammin, Demmin, Franzburg/Barth, Greifswald, Grimmen, Naugard, Randow, Rügen, Stralsund, Usedom/Wollin, Ueckermünde) Compiled By Franz Schubert.

Mecklenburg – Schwerin Census Index 1819 includes each person’s location , sex, his/her given and surname, date of birth, birthplace, parish to which the birth place belonged, family relationship, occupation, property owned, how long they lived there, married or single, religion, and general comments. Every person in the household is listed.

Mecklenburg Census Index 1751 shows occupation, names of all individuals in the household 14-15 years of age or older and their relationship to the family. These records were taken from the Pastors registers.

Mecklenburg Emigrants Database (about 170,000 people emigrated from Mecklenburg Vorpommern during the 19th-20th centuries to the USA. Canada, Chile, Brazil, Australia and Argentina). Data on each person includes name, maiden name, date of birth, sex, residence, occupation, marital status related persons, destination, year of emigration, and source of information).

Die Colonieliste von 1699 By Richard Beringuier, Berlin, 1888, (Excerpts pertaining to West Pomerania and Uckermark Region from the book Extraits Appartenants a la Pomeranie de l’Ouest et a la Region d’ Uckermark Trouves dans Livre)

Royal Subjects in Swedish Vorpommern in 1799 (Amts and districts include Bergen (Wittow, Jasmund, Rügen), Barth (Darsser), Franzburg, Loitz, Tribsees, Grimmen and Wolgast) Compiled by Franz Schubert

Mecklenburg – Vorpommern water, meadows and boundless skies

Beneath the Spacious Skies of Mecklenburg – West Vorpommern

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Kirchen in St?ten, Eine Kulturgeschichtliche Wanderung vom 13. Bis ins 20. Jahrhundert, (42 recordings by Thomas Helms with text from Sabine Bock) edited by Thomas Helms.

Mecklennurgisches Namenbüchlein Mecklenburg Family names by Dr. Hans Bahlow 1932.

Vortr?ge zur Mecklenburgischen Familienforschung Issue 3 Meeting of the Mecklenburg family researcher in Ludwigslust 1993.

Vortr?ge zur Mecklenburgischen Familienforschung Issue 4 Meeting of the Mecklenburg Family researcher in Bützow.

Steuerlisten Meddenburgischer Bauernd?rfer des 15 und 16 Jahrhunderts Amt Gadebusch mit Kloster Rehna teil 1 Bearbeitter von Carl August Endler, (History and Culture).

Mecklenburgische Seenplatte Von Güstrow nach Neubrandenburg, Neustrelitz and Waren by Maike Bruhns (person register, culture and history).

German Genealogical Diegest 1st quarter 1991, Mecklenburg the land and its history by Daniel Schlyter.

Verzeichnis der Pommerschen Kirchenbücher im Vorpommerschen. Landesarchive Greifswald, Edition Temmenü.

Mecklenburg Maps by Bertram Christian von Hoickhusen (22 colored maps of various Jurisdictions in Mecklenburg that existed 1700 A.D. Scale 1:100,000.

Bürgerbook for the city of Alt-Strelitz – Burghers listed for 162 1-1918.

Bürgerbook for the city of Alt-Schwerin - Burghers listed for 1560 - 1831.

Bürgerbook for the city of Güstrow - Burghers listed for 1592 - 1919.

Bürgerbook for the city of Hagenow - Burghers listed for 1759 -1919.

Bürgerbook for the city of New Brandenburg - Burghers listed for 1676 -1912, 1991.

Bürgerbook for the city of Newstrelitz - Burghers listed for 1733 - 1912.

Bürgerbook for the city of Stavenhapgen - Burghers listed for 1724 -1918.

Bürgerbook for the city of Waren - Burghers listed for 1700 - 1918.

Bürgerbook for the city of Wesenberg - Burghers listed for 1529 – 1743.