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Pomeranian Webinar
Saturday, February 17th 1 p.m. EST (U.S and Canada)
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in English

"How a DNA test turned my family research upside down"
with André Martin - Current president of Pommerscher Greif

Andre Martin PhotoAndré Martin is a registrar at a city hall in Germany where he registers birth, marriage, death records, name changes, paternity recognitions, etc. His genealogy adventure began in 1994 with water damage in his parent's house when old documents from his great grandparents came to light in the attic. At the time, he thought, "that's interesting, let's see what else I can find." His 4 grandparents were born in Pomerania and he has roots in Kreise Arnswalde, Cammin, Deutsch-Krone, Dramburg, Kolberg-Körlin, Köslin, Randow, Regenwalde, and Saatzig. His Pomeranian lines trace back to Brandenburg, Silesia, Saxony, Bohemia, Moravia, Austria and, via his discovered Palatinate colonists, Rhineland-Palatinate and Baden-Württemberg. He has traced some of his families back to the 16th century. Andrá joined the Pommerscher Greif e.V. in 2002 and was the deputy chairman for many years. Since November 2022, he has been the President of the Pommerscher Greif e.V. and he is the society's contact for Kreis Regenwalde. His free time is spent with his wife, children and of course, doing genealogy.

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